AI in China

Publicerat 26 February 2018

“There’s no data like more data.” More data makes AI smarter. So, how much data is China generating?

China has the most mobile phones and Internet users in the world

Which is about three times more than that in the US or India. Many think that the gap between the US and China is just a factor of three. It is dramatically larger than that. In China, people use their mobile phones to pay for goods, 50 times more often than Americans. Food delivery volume in China is 10 times more than that of the US. It took bike-sharing company Mobike 10 months to go from nothing to 20 million orders (or rides) per day. There are over 20 million bicycle rides transmitting their
GPS and other sensor information up to the server, creating 20 terabytes of data everyday. Similarly, China’s ride-hailing operator Didi is reported to connect its data with tra ic control in some pilot cities. All of these Internet connected things will yield data that helps make existing products and applications more e icient, and enable new applications we never thought of.

What about the quality of China’s AI products?

Many probably still remember the days when China was nothing but copycats around 15 years ago. Smart and eager Chinese tech giants and entrepreneurs have morphed by western innovations to exceed their overseas counterparts. An example in AI, Chinese face recognition startup Face++ recently won first place in 3 computer vision challenges, ahead of teams from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and CMU.

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