Collaborate to capture opportunities

Digitalisation and new technologies are disrupting business landscapes, amplified by environmental challenges. Geopolitical tensions and the global pandemic adds to the complexity.

Major business opportunities arise for those who seize them, and risks for those who do not. As markets and ecosystems change, the need to adapt and respond increases.

We believe that in order to seize these opportunities, nothing less than transformation is required. And that to succeed, to transform ourselves, our businesses and the world, we need to be aspirational and bold, with a strategic aim.

We are a platform where companies can come together with academy, and collaborate strategically in order to defend, develop and strengthen market positions.

Together with business management and academic thought leaders, we identify and select the strategic challenges at hand. These are the foundation for our offering. We then tie state of the art academic knowledge to the various challenges, with the aim to close the gap between validated academic knowledge and its application and impact.

Our programs are designed to deliver results and change on organisational and individual levels. Everyone participating in our programs shall clearly see why it is personally relevant, and we make sure to utilize the capabilities that each individual has in the collective learning.