You have an important task. Leading industry into the future. It is crucial to accelerate strategic development while maintaining operational excellence. This act of balancing present and future success has always faced managers. The increasing complexity and pace of the ongoing shift make it more demanding than ever.

Why should anyone have to find solutions to their strategic business problems on their own when you can get this kind of help?

Mia Bökmark — VP Product Management and R&D, Seco Tools

In the Strategic Challenge Groups, the purpose is to enhance progress on your actual strategic challenges. This format is designed for our Executive Program alumni. It also suits you who have similar education and substantial experience. A theme frame each group to ensure that you can truly relate to the other participants and their challenges.

It has been useful to see my questions from other perspectives. We have all had very similar challenges and the discussions and the learnings have been very good.

Joakim Mevius — Vice President, Head of Business Unit Submarines, Kockums, Saab AB

You sign up for three times a full day, spread over a year. We offer three themes:

Business Development in Global Markets
For you who play a vital role in developing new businesses

Innovation Horizons II
For you who have a key position within R&D and Product Management

Enabling transformation with strategic HR

It is valuable with a forum where I can process strategic business matters from a People-perspective. We are a great team and get challenged out of our comfort zone. It is stimulating to participate and a way to recharge energy. Much needed during these pandemic times.

Karin Svenske Nyberg — Executive leader, CHRO, Board Member, Senior Advisor

Each session is devoted to one particular challenge that one participant has. An essential part of the process is to meticulously detangle the challenge at hand and detect what it is all about. Another part is to get tailored, state-of-the-art academic perspectives on the challenge. But what really differs this learning format from others is that we fully utilize the experience in the group to create explicit plans on what actions to take the next day.

Many times when the case is presented, I right away think I know what it is all about and have a solution to the problem. Then as we proceed with the discussions and get some academic perspectives, new dimensions turn up and more ways to tackle the problem appear. It is a good reality check of how my usual way of thinking can be a limitation.

Stevan Topolovic — Regional General Manager, Epiroc

The process design is based on the scientific model of Action Learning, as well as on the art of placing Fundamental Questions.