The importance of not only looking ahead

Publicerat 21 February 2018

The book: Managing Digital Transformation, has collected the knowledge of 27 scholars across various academic disciplines, and provides insights and perspectives to help you govern and leverage digital transformation.
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The importance of not only looking ahead

A panel of: Nils Rosén (Senior Director Strategic Initiatives Getinge AB), Darja Isaksson (Swedish strategist in digital transformation and board member of KTH Executive school), Assistant Professor Frida Pemer (HHS), PhD Sara Rosengren (HHS) briefly discussed from the topics in the book.

A few things the panel touched upon were: the importance of not only looking ahead – but also looking back at your legacy when it comes to digitalization. There are a lot of areas where the technology of today can vastly improve systems and processes – but we are restricted by our “set ways”. We also need to “change the way we change” in order to accommodate the different and (usually) much higher demands and customer expectations. Building a supportive culture, smaller steps and shorter learning-cycles are needed in order to keep up with the rapid pace of change and development. New platforms for collaborations are also needed in order to meet the prerequisites for innovation. Collaboration and diversified teams are now a crucial factor, and we need a much bigger push from the industry to set up these systems.

The importance of supporting our research institutes

The SSE/SIR research Award for research promotor of the year was presented to Peter Wallenberg Jr in a ceremony on February 5th. Peter talked about the importance of supporting our research institutes, and how the future will expect people to be well versatile in cross-disciplines – thus making education and research even more important than ever.

It was at the same ceremony, the SIR Yearbook was also presented. This year, the book was produced in collaboration with MTC (the foundation of Marketing Technology), with Staffan Movin as one of the editors and with both KTH and HHS as project partners.

Digitalization has arrived. This is just the beginning.