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23 March 2019 Congratulations to our graduates in the Executive Program in Industrial Management 2018

Our participants in the Executive Program in Industrial Management 2018 received their well-deserved diplomas as testimony to their capabilities for...

12 March 2019 Meet the KTH startups selected for this year´s Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program

Eight KTH startups have been selected for this year´s Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program. The program, which is aimed for KTH...

14 February 2019 Den femte disciplinen får Nobels fredspris

Den Femte Disciplinen är en bok som sprängde pärmarna då den kom ut 1990. Det var det år då Nelson...


Our Offering

We offer open-enrolment executive programs and customized programs. We also offer shorter courses and development groups focusing on state of the art themes.


Our open-enrolment programs are designed for senior managers and officers within selected groups of businesses with common business interests. The programs consistently relate to your core business and its specific challenges. At the same time you get impulses from other businesses and industries and gain new contacts. We also provide customized programs.

Courses & Groups

Our courses and groups focus on thematic challenges and run over a couple of days. The courses emphasize specific know-how that you can apply on a current challenge. Within the groups the process of creating a genuine understanding of the challenge and developing a solution is emphasized, although the theme is also explored theoretically.

About KTH Executive School

We boost the ability of senior managers to develop and implement new businesses, new strategies and new ways to operate. Our starting point is a profound understanding of your business logic and we particularly address technology shifts and other major game changer in your business environment. We deliver the know-how, the wide-ranging perspective and the inspiration you need to ensure the competitiveness of your business.

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