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16 October 2019 Join us for our seminar series, AI – Under the Hood of Machine Learning

Join us for our seminar series AI – Under the Hood of Machine Learning designed for you in a management...

15 October 2019 Dialoglab om hur vi använder vatten

Under det gångna året har en grupp av forskare, studenter, tjänstemän, företagare, politiker i en tillämpad studie visat hur cirkulära vattenbruk kan förverkligas...

Girl with VR headset
28 May 2019 How the internet and digitalization change the relations between customers and suppliers

Digitalization is here to stay Technology is changing our society in an even more rapid pace than ever before. Everything...

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21 May 2019 Cybersecurity and understanding the risks in modern IT environments

KTH Executive School held a breakfast seminar today about cybersecurity and understanding the risks in modern IT environments. Professor and...

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