The great thing about the last years cyber attacks

Publicerat 21 January 2019

The Cybersecurity threats are increasing and we can assume that we will see more attacks and breaches during 2019. Being responsible for developing the cybersecurity at an organisation can be a challenging and sometimes a lonely task. It is impossible (and not to mention very very expensive) to protect an organisation for all types of cybercrime – a substantial analysis and prioritization of the greatest risk for your specific organisation has to be done. And if you succeeded with your job – not enough people will thank you, and if you not succeed – then you will get the blame.

The great thing about the last years cyber attacks

In 2018 many cyber attacks has become known to the public; Cambridge analyticaRussian Grid Hacking, US Universities  and many more.

Of course there is never a good thing that these attacks are happening and setting people and organizations at risk- but if we have to find something good that came out of it, it is the fact that the general awareness regarding these matters has increased.

The general knowledge within the whole organisation regarding these questions must increase. And we see more and more companies and organizations realizing this. This is not longer only a question for the CIO solemnly. The security questions must retain more attention (and knowledge) both from the board and from the other employes. The security question must raise on the agenda and the general knowledge increase. In order to decrease the security risk, more people within the organisations must realize where the risks lies within the organisation; (often the employees themselves by opening up the wrong email or not updating their software) and how they shall behave to decrease the risks. An increased knowledge enable better decision making regarding the use of resources connected to the development of the security questions.

Threats to watch for 2019

In this article written by Martin Giles in Medium you can read about some of the threats that you should look out for in 2019.

  1. Exploiting AI-Generated Fake Video and Audio
  2. Poisoning AI Defenses
  3. Hacking Smart Contracts
  4. Breaking Encryption Using Quantum Computers
  5. Attacking From the Computing Cloud

We can help you

No matter if you are a CIO that want to improve your work or get help to get heard within your organization or if you belong to the management and feel that you have to level up regarding your knowledge and awareness we can help you. Send an email or call our Program Director Staffan Movin and he can give you more information about our offerings in Cyber Security. An example of one of our courses.