Slides on how to think inside the box to solve the big problems!

Publicerat 9 February 2018

The question: Can we save 25 per cent of the water we use?
The solution: Think inside of the box

See the slides from the seminar!

Last week a seminar on Thinking outside the box took place at KTH. Attached you can see the slides from the “Water Saving Challenge”, a seven month project financed by the European Parliament, managed by Christian Pleijel at KTH Executive School.
The presentation includes models, ideas and findings to better understand islands, their need for and possibilities to conserve freshwater. It reflects upon islands a “boxed societies” places well delimitated from the world around them, with precise borders, distant places by their own, apparently “off”. To avoid running dry, islands have a bad habit of thinking outside the box: they dig deeper drills, install bigger desalination plants, invest in underwater pipelines to the mainland, bring water by barges… But what if (part of) the solution is inside the box?

Read more here or read the slides from the presentation BBL 1feb2018_s