Congratulations to our graduates in KTH Executive Program in Industrial Management

Publicerat 17 May 2024

We congratulate all our participants on successfully completing the latest round of KTH Executive Program in Industrial Management.

It has been an amazing journey – thank you all for your unique perspectives and deep commitment to develop skills for making long-term change together!

Keep on daring to go further and expand your horizons, share your experience and knowledge with your colleagues generously and last but not least, take care of yourself and those around you. We look forward to seeing all the positive impact you will make as leaders in your fields. Welcome to the KTH Executive alumni family!

Navigating the Complex Terrain of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Publicerat 6 May 2024

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, managers in operations, supply chain, and procurement face a myriad of escalating challenges. As these domains become increasingly connected with digital technology and global complexities, the need for strategic agility and robust risk management is more crucial than ever.

Technological Integration – Adopting and integrating advanced digital solutions, including AI, remains a big challenge. The journey from outdated systems to cutting-edge technology requires not only significant investment but also a cultural shift towards embracing new operational efficiencies. How do we seamlessly integrate vast amounts of data across platforms to truly enhance decision-making and operational visibility?

Supply Chain Resilience – Another pressing concern is enhancing the resilience of supply chains against a backdrop of unpredictable geopolitical tensions and market demands. The ability to foresee and mitigate risks—from supplier disruptions to trade uncertainties—demands a proactive approach to supply chain governance and a solid framework for managing unforeseen complications.

Quality and Growth – As organizations transform and/or expand, maintaining product quality and operational excellence is key. The challenge of transforming or scaling operations while preserving the integrity of output cannot be understated. This includes fostering a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands of tomorrow and ensuring that growth does not compromise the quality that clients expect and deserve.

Strategic Leadership and Collaboration – Finally, the role of leadership in fostering a collaborative and innovative environment is vital. Leaders must not only navigate day-to-day operations but also drive transformative changes that align with long-term strategic goals. This involves harmonizing sourcing strategies, optimizing end-to-end processes, and ensuring that all organizational layers work cohesively.

We are at a critical juncture where the decisions we make today will shape the operational capabilities of the future. Sharing insights and strategies is more than a necessity—it’s our responsibility to pave the way for a more integrated, resilient, and efficient operational framework.

Let’s discuss! What strategies have you found effective in overcoming these challenges in your operations or supply chain roles?

When data and reality do not match

Publicerat 29 February 2024

In a data-driven world, we face the constant challenge of ensuring that our information reflects reality. Many managers experience a gap between the data in their systems and their own perception of reality. This is not only due to technical shortcomings but also to the need for high data quality, and to our ability to accurately interpret information.

To reduce this gap, we need to fully embrace the importance of data quality. Moreover, we need to improve our understanding of the human factor in the interpretation process.

The consequences of the gap between data and reality are significant. They range from incorrect decisions based on misleading information to a reduced trust in data-driven processes. This can hinder our ability to adapt and innovate, leading to inefficient use of resources and a deteriorated customer experience.

We can only avoid these pitfalls if we actively work towards bridging the gap between data and reality, and KTH Executive contributes by providing education on the better use and understanding of data to help you make well-founded decisions, thereby creating a more data-driven future.


Thank you for learning with us this year

Publicerat 21 December 2023

And looking forward to continuing our learning journey with you in 2024! We hope that you will find moments for reflection in the holiday season and our selection of thought-provoking podcasts and reads may further expand your horizons.



(1) Business Breakdowns
Gain unparalleled insights into the workings of prominent businesses, a tool for strategic thinking and decision-making

Stay informed on the latest in innovation and tech, a beacon for those leading through change

Engage with the narratives of corporate strategy and market influence, a resource for executives seeking to broaden their strategic horizons


(1) “Right Kind of Wrong” by Amy Edmondson
Learn the value of embracing failures as stepping stones to innovation and resilience, a must-read for fostering a culture of intelligent risk-taking

(2) “The Coming Wave” by Mustafa Suleyman with Michael Bhaskar
Navigate the complexities of AI’s role in our future, an essential guide for leaders at the helm of technological integration

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Congratulations to our latest Executive Program in Industrial Management graduates

Publicerat 8 December 2023

Our participants in the latest round of Executive Program in Industrial Management have just graduated with flying colors. Thank you all for your commitment – bringing your unique perspectives to our sessions has made all the difference. It has been a real honor to learn together and provide you with the tools necessary to tackle your challenges and make long-term change.

Keep on daring to go further and expand your horizons, share your experience and knowledge with your colleagues generously and last but not least, take care of yourself and those around you. We look forward to seeing all the positive impact you will make as leaders in your fields. Welcome to the KTH Executive alumni family!

Springing into Action: Our Executive Program kicked off with an in-depth look on current business landscapes and technological shifts

Publicerat 25 May 2023

Vibrant spring days marked the start of our next Executive Program. A sense of excitement reminiscent of the first day at school filled us once again as we welcomed a diverse group of seasoned executives setting out on our unique journey together to explore opportunities and challenges ahead over the next six months.

Our first session – partly inspired by the breathtaking view from KTH’s roof terrace – focused on providing a bird’s-eye view on current business landscapes and the transformative impact of technological shifts.  While changing perspectives, we grappled with such complexities of the global structural forces and emerging dynamics that provided us with a nuanced picture of the global trends. Yet we must always remember Noam Chomsky’s wise words despite all the societal challenges on a global scale: “Optimism is a strategy for making a better future.”

As these three intensive and mind-stretching days also revealed: “Daring to explore with an optimistic mindset yields greater rewards.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we move into our upcoming themes and navigate the current challenging business landscape together, guided by eminent lecturers from industry leaders and academia around the globe.

Inspiring visit at LKAB, Kiruna

Publicerat 28 April 2023

A heartfelt thank you to Jan Lundgren and LKAB for hosting our KTH Executive School alumni in beautiful Kiruna! Our visit was truly awe-inspiring, as we explored the cutting-edge operations from 1365 m below ground to the refreshing spring air above. Engaging discussions around the massive transformation to deliver CO2-free iron left us energized. Your dedication to creating a brighter, greener future for our planet is truly motivating! Let’s be bold together and lead the charge in sustainable innovation! Special thanks to Lena Sellgren Business Sweden who joined and gave us a refreshing perspective of the Global Economic Outlook.

Jonas Albertson discusses Epiroc´s transformation journey

Publicerat 3 February 2023

Dare to think new | Epiroc President Technology & Digital Division Jonas Albertson joined us this week to explore productivity and sustainability transformation. A great discussion across industries about the acceleration of change in daily operations and the importance of daring in uncertain times. Many thanks for sharing the Epiroc perspective!


Maria Persson Gulda joins to share insights into H2 Green Steel´s mission for a sustainable future

Publicerat 28 November 2022

How to move fast towards a more sustainable future? As H2 Green Steel Chief Technology and Project Officer Maria Persson Gulda points out, large-scale changes with new solutions require embracing uncertainty, building on partnerships, being open to new practices, and putting a special focus on diversity and effective communication.

Many thanks for joining us and sharing the H2 Green Steel perspective!

Paolo Cerruti shares the Northvolt perspective on global trends and challenges

Publicerat 2 November 2022

Northvolt Co-founder and COO Paolo Cerruti joined us for a discussion about the  current challenges ahead with the greenest battery production.

Operating with speed in an uncertain environment requires a culture where a failure is considered a First Attempt In Learning.

Many thanks for sharing the Northvolt perspective on global trends as well as for your insights into the organizational aspects of industry transformation.