We are facing a a world of uncertainties driven by structural forces including disruptive new technologies, accelerated climate change. Emerging dynamics of a fragmented society within and between states increase tensions with risk of conflicts as we are witnessing in Europe. Such a volatile world demands an ability by organisations adapt and learn to survive and thrive.

Leaders need to grasp the new environment in which we operate, revisit the strategic analysis, find a balance to exploit the known and explore the unknown to create sustainable results.

Companies need to build new capabilities and learn new ways to operate, where customer driven innovation and a fast-learning organisation is key to success.

Why this program?

Embark on a transformative journey with our Executive Program. Designed for senior managers and specialists, this program will equip you to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment, embrace digital transformation, and lead innovative strategies. Prepare to excel in developing new business models and driving effective change in your organization.

What will you learn?

  • How to get ahead by understanding new trends and technologies, helping your business stay competitive
  • How to spot and seize new business opportunities
  • How to build a team that’s ready for change and can quickly adapt to new situations
  • How to talk and work with other participants to tackle real-world business challenges

How will you learn?

  • You will learn from a selection of top business leaders and lecturers from academia from KTH and other top international universities.
  • You will learn in active learning sessions in classroom mixed with visits to labs on KTH campus and online session.
  • Each participant is expected to share and discuss a transformational challenge to learn from one another and develop a strategy how to address it.

Thanks for an amazing journey at KTH! Fantastic training, inspiring lecturers and a new exciting network with a lot of energy and knowledge.

Andreas Hansson — Vice President - Global Head of Supply Chain Management, Hitachi Energy

A true energy boost and awareness training. Great colleagues with a diverse selection of truly competent people from all across the industry. The program covers the most recent trends, tools and worldwide outlook. I heartfelt recommend anyone needing refill of inspiration to lead in a changing world to really apply for this great course at KTH Executive School. It provides a great combination and insights in theory and practical examples.

Magnus Sävenäs — Head of Service & Aftermarket Business Development, 3S, former Group VP Customer Care & Aftermarket, Electrolux Professional AB

Greatly organized! Very engaged teachers that listen to feedback and really try to adapt the program to what we want. Broad program, fun with the mix of new technology, management courses and entrepreneurship. Fun to meet and discuss with people from different companies and management experiences/levels. Fun that the course is spread out during the year so we got to see Sweden and the university in all season and weathers of the year. Thank you for a great course!

Therese Thiel — Head of Cable Harness Design for Autonomous Vehicles and Cab, Scania CV AB

I can really recommend this training. It added a lot of new insights both to the world of academia, but also to sectors of the industry that is hard to come by elsewhere. Excellent presenters, very active participants and a very well-organized course.

Mikael Ekinge — Procurement Director, Siemens Energy AB

The program's engaging modules sparked valuable discussions and group collaborations. The energy and expertise of the program leaders were inspiring, making me eager to recommend it to peers.

Cathrine Lindvall McKnight — Head of Operations High Flex Division, Mycronic

The program offers a wealth of valuable topics led by expert lecturers. It's been a fantastic experience to absorb so many insights and engage in rich discussions with peers from various industries. The relevance and quality of presentations have made it a truly enriching learning journey, and the cross-industry dialogue has been particularly beneficial.

Ulf Bernström — Director Change Efficiency and Effectiveness, Vattenfall

The program was phenomenal. Each module was an eye-opener, enriching my knowledge substantially, and I've built a network with some of the brightest minds in the industry. This experience has been instrumental in enabling me to contribute effectively to the ongoing transformative changes within our business.

Ida Bränngård — Director Wood Purchasing, Stora Enso

This management program has given me deeper insights and tools related to my current challenges, but also broaden my perspectives and understanding for what the future might hold!

Thomas Lindstedt — Task Force Manager, Scania CV AB

The Executive Program in Industrial Management has given me increased insights in not only management and leadership but also global trends, its history and future, and a multitude of topics that are all impacting the future of industry and society. Looking forward to utilizing these new learned skills.

Andreas Sandberg — Head of Project Management Office, Development & Standards, Siemens Energy

Great program and highly recommended.

Örjan Möller — SVP, Head of IT Services; Stora Enso

Program information

For whom
Participants are experienced leaders who are expected to lead and execute the transformation.

For what kind of companies?
This program is designed for international companies where technology is core. Previous participants represent companies such as ABB, Atlas Copco, Boliden, DeLaval, Epiroc, Ericsson, Hitachi Energy, LKAB, SAAB Group, Scania, Sandvik, Siemens Energy, Stora Enso and Volvo Cars.

The program length and location
The program is split over four three-day modules on campus and two half days online in between. The location is at new facilities at KTH Royal Institute of Technology campus in Stockholm – with accommodations in the vicinity.


Module 1      12-14 November 2024
Module 2      28-30 January 2025
Module 3      18-20 March 2025
Module 4      13-15 May 2025

Online sessions      10 December 2024 and 4 March 2025


SEK 185 000 (excl. VAT)
The fee excludes room & board and travel expenses.


Benefits to you

  • Improve your business acumen and leadership skills, making you better at guiding your organization through change.
  • Get better at decision-making and problem-solving, helping you drive change in your business.
  • Meet and connect with other professionals, opening doors for future teamwork.
  • Learn from experts around the world, giving you a broader view of how business works.

Benefits to your organization

  • Grow leaders skilled in up-to-date business strategies, making your business more flexible and relevant.
  • Encourage a culture of using data and focusing on customers, boosting business performance.
  • Keep your business both steady and open to change, helping it grow and adapt.
  • Benefit from different perspectives and experiences, helping you make smarter business choices.

For further information you are welcome to contact

Ulf Änggård
Program Director
+46 (0)70 854 72 28

Program content

Tech insight – Under the hood of tech

Visits to KTH labs to gain insight to state-of-the-art tech underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution e.g. AI, robotics, IoT, 3D printing and cybersecurity • Infused in the modules

Module 1 – The business environment and technology shifts

Changing business landscapes • How technology shifts drive change • The current shift driven by digitalization, electrification and sustainability

Module 2 – Business strategy

Tools and methods for strategy building • Innovation and business modelling tools • New business models – servitization, platforms and ecosystems


Module 3 – How to operate in new business environments

Creating customer-centric innovation • Data-driven decision making • New governance systems

Module 4 – How to lead change

Leading and communicating change • Methods to identifying and clearing barriers to change • Participants’ transformational challenges