A Strategic Guide For Implementing AI

Publicerat 26 November 2018

Do you want to know how you can successfully implement Artificial Intelligence within your business?

Take a look in this report (“Beyond the hype: A guide to understanding and successfully implementing artificial intelligence within your business”) written by Marloes Roelands, Francesco Brenna and Jorn Jansen Schoonhoven from IBM which was recently published.

AI can be a real value driver in multiples industries. It’s not something of the future, it is real today, and it is one of the main drivers of the fourth Industrial Revolution. Besides the hype, to properly implementing AI it’s critical  to understand your company needs and assets, set clear goals and expected outcomes and to use this information to define an AI strategy and implementation roadmap.

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From Porter to Platforms

Publicerat 13 November 2018

In our breakfast seminar “From Porter to Platforms” we had the pleasure to hear Prof. Darek Haftor (Linnaeus University) talking about how platform oriented business solutions facilitated through digitalization are enabling new ways to create innovation and economic value.


It’s undeniable that the way to create value has changed underpinned by digitalization. During the presentation, Derek highlighted the dualistic view between an old (current and historical) and a new perspective and the impact that it has in companies and value creation processes. Läs mer

Everyday Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

Publicerat 7 November 2018

Discussions in AI often tap into the question of Ethics. From how can we use AI,  to how should we use AI. For many companies, there will be essential to develop ethical guidelines. One way to start can be to read IBM´s everydayethics – Everyday Ethics for Artificial Intelligence. See the five main bullet points below.

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How Generation Z Will Change The World According To Experts

Publicerat 31 October 2018

Life starts at a billion examples

Publicerat 22 October 2018

Do you want to understand more about the tech behind AI without having to discuss tech?

Listen to this wonderful speech by Ray Kurweil (director of engineering at Google) that talk about the human evolution and the development of our brain, and by that explaining how he approach his research about AI.

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Vad säger olika branschföreträdare om AI?

Publicerat 15 October 2018

Företrädare från telekom-, sjukvård-, läkemedel-, fordon-, gruv- samt pappersindustrin ger sin bild av hur de ser på Sveriges Sveriges AI-potential i sin egen bransch.

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Hon är kvinnan bakom enhörningsfabriken

Publicerat 8 October 2018

KTH Innovation är ett av de lärosäten i Sverige som guidat flera framgångsrika bolag ut i världen. Läs en artikel om vår styrelseordförande Lisa Ericsson i Di Digital https://goo.gl/zMwJu8

TECHdate – a technical update for KTH alumni

Publicerat 5 October 2018

The technical development is going fast, technologies that a few years ago were unheard of are now playing essential roles in business and technological development. The necessity of having a high rate of change has increased for both individuals and companies. Join us for this two-day course specially designed for KTH alumni, where context will be a core course focus so as to gain an overview on how to apply technologies in a company.

The course will cover Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. Get an upper hand on the latest buzzwords and learn strategies, methods and approaches that are directly applicable for you to be able to deftly tackle the digital transition.

Read more about the course here.

Hot mot Sveriges AI-förmåga

Publicerat 1 October 2018

Vi har tidigare lyft fram styrkor, svagheter och möjligheter för Sveriges AI-förmåga. Men vilka hot finns det?

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How secure is your company in an age of cybercrime?

Publicerat 17 September 2018

Trojan-infested botnets. Distributed denials of service. Credential-stuffing attacks. How secure is your company in an age of cybercrime?
As prominent hacks grab the headlines, the cost of cybercrime is going up. But nearly 80 percent of technology execs say their cybersecurity programs can’t keep up with the attackers. Spending big is no guarantee you’re protected. What’s more, too many company leaders get their cybersecurity updates in scattershot fashion, if at all.

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