Congratulations to our graduates in the Executive Program in Industrial Management 2018

Publicerat 23 March 2019

Our participants in the Executive Program in Industrial Management 2018 received their well-deserved diplomas as testimony to their capabilities for contributing to the development and implementation of new businesses, new strategies and new ways to operate. Thank you all for a great journey together with KTH Executive School and Program Director Anders Holmström, and welcome to our alumni family!

Meet the KTH startups selected for this year´s Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program

Publicerat 12 March 2019

Eight KTH startups have been selected for this year´s Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program. The program, which is aimed for KTH research and student entrepreneurs running innovative startups kicked off its third edition on 6th March, and welcomed participants developing solutions ranging from calculating the environmental impact of food production to creating software for advanced computational simulations. Elite Hotels Founder Bicky Chakraborty, whose 5 million SEK donation in 2016 started the initiative, also attended the event as well as our colleague Niklas Gustafsson from KTH Executive School, who developed the course plan.

The program run by KTH Innovation offers participants the following:

  • 70 000 SEK in proof of concept funding
  • Workshops and lectures on business development, sales and scaling up addressing various aspects of business growth over time
  • An assigned mentor
  • Networking activities with innovation support hubs around Sweden

Read more about the kick-off here and find information about this year´s participants below.

The eight startups participating the third edition of Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program

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Den femte disciplinen får Nobels fredspris

Publicerat 14 February 2019

Den Femte Disciplinen är en bok som sprängde pärmarna då den kom ut 1990. Det var det år då Nelson Mandela släpptes ur fängelset, då Öst- och Vässtyskland återförenades, och då världshälsoorganisationen WHO tog bort homosexualitet från sin lista över sjukdomar.

En idé som ska fyllas med innehåll

Det är en bok om den lärande organisationen. Det är en bok om en idé som ska fyllas med innehåll. Det är inte en best practice eller en färdig modell. Tankarna om lärande organisationer hade prövats av Margaret Mead, Douglas McGregor, Reg Revans, David McClelland och Chris Argyris. På 1930- och 40-talen hade Ludwig van Bertalanffy lanserat systemtänkandet eller systemteorin:

”Ett system är en helhet som består av ett antal ömsesidigt samverkande delar. Samverkan mellan delarna utgörs av ett utbyte av information, materia eller energi.”

Ett organ i kroppen, en grupp människor, ett militärt flygplan, djur och växter i en ekologisk nisch och en aktiemarknad är exempel på system.

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Digital strategy: The four fights you have to win

Publicerat 11 February 2019

We can recommend a read of the McKinsey article talks about the four fights you have to win

in your digital strategy.

If there’s one thing a digital strategy can’t be, it’s incremental. The mismatch between most incumbents’ business models and digital futures is too great—and the environment is changing too quickly—for anything but bold, inventive strategic plans to work.

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Join our team as a Content Manager

Publicerat 28 January 2019

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

/Jack Welch

Maybe you know the person we are looking for? We are now searching for a content manager. Read more or share this page.

Did you miss the breakfast seminar with Dennis Pamlin? Watch it here

Publicerat 28 January 2019

If you missed our breakfast seminar with Dennis Pamlin on the topic; More Sustainable Solutions from Digital Technologies, you can watch it here.

The great thing about the last years cyber attacks

Publicerat 21 January 2019

The Cybersecurity threats are increasing and we can assume that we will see more attacks and breaches during 2019. Being responsible for developing the cybersecurity at an organisation can be a challenging and sometimes a lonely task. It is impossible (and not to mention very very expensive) to protect an organisation for all types of cybercrime – a substantial analysis and prioritization of the greatest risk for your specific organisation has to be done. And if you succeeded with your job – not enough people will thank you, and if you not succeed – then you will get the blame.

The great thing about the last years cyber attacks

In 2018 many cyber attacks has become known to the public; Cambridge analyticaRussian Grid Hacking, US Universities  and many more.

Of course there is never a good thing that these attacks are happening and setting people and organizations at risk- but if we have to find something good that came out of it, it is the fact that the general awareness regarding these matters has increased.

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Faculty members launch course on the Harvard MIT online platform edX

Publicerat 18 January 2019

Today two of our faculty members, Martin Vendel and Henrik Blomgren, launched their Professional Certificate Program on the Harvard MIT online platform edX. was launched by KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

They have cooperated with KTH MOOC team and Studio, as well as ABB Sweden. Ready to learn more regarding Digital Transformation, take one or why not all of the four courses. If you want to learn IRL join their course here at KTH Executive School.

Happy Learning!

And why rabbits? Join, and we’ll let you know!

Samtal med Konfucius – boktips från Christian Pleijel

Publicerat 14 January 2019

”If you believe you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Vilken underbar one-liner av Konfucius, som ansåg att alla föds lika och formas genom utbildning och övning. Jag gillar det men så jobbar jag ju på KTH, där jag i de flesta rum inte är den smartaste.

Tyvärr var det inte Konfucius som sa detta.

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Seats are out – welcome to our live stream

Publicerat 10 January 2019

The seats are out for our breakfast seminar – More Sustainable Solutions from Digital Technologies on Tuesday the 15th. Welcome to follow it live on our Facebook page from 07.45 am. Read more about the seminar here.