When data and reality do not match

Publicerat 29 February 2024

In a data-driven world, we face the constant challenge of ensuring that our information reflects reality. Many managers experience a gap between the data in their systems and their own perception of reality. This is not only due to technical shortcomings but also to the need for high data quality, and to our ability to accurately interpret information.

To reduce this gap, we need to fully embrace the importance of data quality. Moreover, we need to improve our understanding of the human factor in the interpretation process.

The consequences of the gap between data and reality are significant. They range from incorrect decisions based on misleading information to a reduced trust in data-driven processes. This can hinder our ability to adapt and innovate, leading to inefficient use of resources and a deteriorated customer experience.

We can only avoid these pitfalls if we actively work towards bridging the gap between data and reality, and KTH Executive contributes by providing education on the better use and understanding of data to help you make well-founded decisions, thereby creating a more data-driven future.