To hire the Millennial, travel to their natural habitat

Publicerat 12 March 2018

The ability to hire and engage young professionals are key questions for many of our customers. Times are changing fast. But how fast and what is needed to motivate the new engineers that are now entering the market?

There are many reports to read to get a first hint of the changed climate amongst students. Universum report that one of the biggest changes the recent years is that the young professionals of today need to feel that the values of the company are aligned with their own values and that they want to see that the company they are working for contributes to a better world, so that they through their work contribute to a better world.

When recruiting young professionals be aware of the following three things:

  1. They know that everything is not perfect – so be honest

  2. They choose position because of their chief not the company brand – so invest in your leaders

  3. They want experience, not money – so develop your award systems and offerings

To fully grasp the change that occurred, my recommendation is to make sure to meet the students of today. See how their lectures differs from how yours was and talk to them to understand what dreams and values they have.

One way of meeting students is to come to KTH – their natural habitat. Here at KTH Executive School we can help you to meet and understand how some of the best engineering students think and behave today, contact Johan Olsson to learn more at

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