We need to understand China

Publicerat 9 March 2018

China is here now and we need to understand China in order to make better business decisions

Frédéric Cho, professional strategic advisor on China

Before starting your business cooperation with a Chinese company make sure you have gone through Frédéric Cho´s “laundry list” to enable better business decisions to be made.

14 must to improve your business decisions when working with China

  1. Always understand the priorities of the government, today and tomorrow
  2. China impresses on a macro level but confuses on a micro level
  3. Do we really know the rules & regulations, and does your Chinese counterpart know them?
  4. Do your SWOT-analysis!
  5. What is the best way for you to develop business in China given your existing resources?
  6. Do you have sufficient financial and HR resources today, and tomorrow?
  7. Which part of China? Large income gaps in China, coastal provinces more developed, affluent and mature than the inland provinces.
  8. No reason to rush into agreements – ”the devil is in the details!”
  9. Do you really know your Chinese counterpart/partner?
  10. The importance of always getting paid!
  11. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true
  12. Deals can be entered both in good times and in bad times: what matters is that you understand the risks and deal with them!
  13. Becoming successful requires relentless hard work!
  14. Work with China in a mult-dimensional way? 1) directly 2) via Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sydkorea, Japan, Singapore etc 3) follow Chinese companies out in the world.

Want to learn more?

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