Improve sales by thinking like a customer – acting like an owner

Publicerat 24 October 2017

“Think like a customer – act like an owner.”

Sales and pricing are two of the most important questions in a business. Anders Rehnberg our “sales professor” explains how this can revolutionize your offering and pricing.

Anders Rehnberg from Privilegium Group in London, is a pricing and sales expert that revolutionize many peoples views on sales and pricing. He has gotten Chines companies to stop reducing prices and often receives  the comment such as “The best training I have ever attended” from the participants. He provides new tools and increase your courage to take your company to the next level and open up opportunities.

Most companies are great at developing their product or services, but rarely develop their pricing strategy.

Four critical issues that drive the need and urgency to improve your pricing strategy:

  1. How much money do we lose due to outdated pricing principles?
  2. How can we get out of the cost-plusprice-per-unit way of thinking?
  3. How can we get paid for the additional value we deliver?
  4. How do we design the offerings, the revenue models andthe pricing when we integrate forward and start to deliver services, often based on the installed base and with applications of embedded systems, sensors, M2M, IoT, Big Data, and the internet?

What you need to learn:

  • Formulate unique offerings and value propositions
  • Developing prices – an unconventional take on how to change the price levels customers are willing to pay
  • Identifying value: improve both margins and customer satisfaction
  • Target customer profiles to improve hit-rates and reduce quotation/sales costs
  • The business process and how to ‘marry’ product development and sales
  • Marketing and communicating your value message, including quotations
  • Negotiation and contracts – commercial best practises

For more insights

What: Take the course Value-Based Offering, Pricing and Sales,
When: November 23-24 by Anders Holmström and Anders Rehnberg.
Info: Read more and apply here!