Reevaluating Change Practices in Multinational Industrial Organizations

Publicerat 11 June 2024

In today’s dynamic business environment, change isn’t just driven by top executives but should be initiated from more levels in the organization, particularly from the middle. This is a departure from the old norm where change was typically top-down and often reactive.

Innovate from Problems: We advocate starting with real business challenges and reimagining them as opportunities for innovation. This approach contrasts with the traditional method of treating problems as obstacles that need immediate solutions without leveraging them for strategic innovation.

Understand Your Organizational Dynamics: Realize that an organization’s existing structures and cultures can either enable or restrict your visionary goals. This understanding is crucial, moving away from the outdated belief that organizational structure is rigid and unchangeable.

Embed Continuous Transformation: Treat transformation as an ongoing process integrated into daily operations, making adaptability a key skill. This represents a shift from the old practice of periodic, often disruptive change efforts that are separate from daily business activities.

We emphasize fluidity, ongoing learning, and the strategic value of embracing change at all levels of the organization.