Springing into Action: Our Executive Program kicked off with an in-depth look on current business landscapes and technological shifts

Publicerat 25 May 2023

Vibrant spring days marked the start of our next Executive Program. A sense of excitement reminiscent of the first day at school filled us once again as we welcomed a diverse group of seasoned executives setting out on our unique journey together to explore opportunities and challenges ahead over the next six months.

Our first session – partly inspired by the breathtaking view from KTH’s roof terrace – focused on providing a bird’s-eye view on current business landscapes and the transformative impact of technological shifts.  While changing perspectives, we grappled with such complexities of the global structural forces and emerging dynamics that provided us with a nuanced picture of the global trends. Yet we must always remember Noam Chomsky’s wise words despite all the societal challenges on a global scale: “Optimism is a strategy for making a better future.”

As these three intensive and mind-stretching days also revealed: “Daring to explore with an optimistic mindset yields greater rewards.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we move into our upcoming themes and navigate the current challenging business landscape together, guided by eminent lecturers from industry leaders and academia around the globe.