Everyday Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

Publicerat 7 November 2018

Discussions in AI often tap into the question of Ethics. From how can we use AI,  to how should we use AI. For many companies, there will be essential to develop ethical guidelines. One way to start can be to read IBM´s everydayethics – Everyday Ethics for Artificial Intelligence. See the five main bullet points below.

01. Accountability
AI designers and developers are responsible for considering AI design, development, decision processes, and outcomes.

02. Value Alignment
AI should be designed to align with the norms and values of your user group in mind.

03. Explainability
AI should be designed for humans to easily perceive, detect, and understand its decision process.

04. Fairness
AI must be designed to minimize bias and promote inclusive representation.

05. User Data Rights
AI must be designed to protect user data and preserve the user’s power over access and uses.