AI - Under the Hood of Machine Learning, Part 2: How Machines Understand Images

Join us for the second part of our seminar series, AI – Under the Hood of Machine Learning designed for you in a management position.

The purpose is to provide you with the intuitive understanding of the AI fundamentals required for judging and driving the AI agenda in the development and launch of new businesses, strategies and ways to operate.

The concepts of Machine Learning and Neural Networks will be in focus, as these are core concepts where AI delivers great value today.

Time: 2 December, 14:00-17:00
Address: KTH Main Campus, Room D36, Lindstedtsvägen 5, Stockholm
Guest speakers: To be announced
Language: English
Cost: The seminar is free of charge.



Ulf Änggård with guests
KTH Executive School, Director AI Initiatives
Financed by AI Competence for Sweden


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