Our Strategic Challenge Groups

Groups with your challenges in focus
Our Strategic Challenge Groups are explorative forums that focus on your business’s current challenges. For three days, spread over a year, we address challenges together with other senior executives from similar organisations.

About the meetings
The groups gather for a series of work meetings that focuses on your actual challenges within a defined theme in a structured way. In the meetings, you are given an opportunity to efficiently analyse your own specific challenges and reflect on conditions that are sometimes taken for granted.

The groups gather for 3 day-long meetings spread out over 12 months. At each meeting, one of the participating companies acts as host, and it is that company’s challenges that are processed. We use a proven methodology called Action Learning in these meetings. Part of the concept is that we combine higher decision makers’ knowledge and experience with inspiration from leading researchers or Industrial Champions. This creates an opportunity to identify and reflect on various possible solutions to a specific challenge.

The idea of ​​the group’s composition is to create a high level of exchange of the time you put in. We ensure the value of all participants by evaluating your main challenges before the meetings. We know from experience that there are many common features in the challenges in your respective companies. This makes the challenges of other participating companies highly relevant to your business as well.

KTH Executive School appoints a process leader to help facilitate the exchange and output of the group, and we also ensure that an academic or industrial champion is linked to each respective meeting, to add further depth and various aspects.

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One theme, several challenges

The concept of the groups is to gather a number of senior decision makers from different companies for solution-oriented discussions under a common theme. During the meetings, the participants’ actual challenges are discussed and vented. By giving empowered colleagues from other companies the opportunity to immerse in up-to-date challenges, we enable a unique and solid arena for problem solving. A distinguished Academic or Industrial Champion will attend each meeting to contribute angles and further depth to the challenge. The results of a meeting are solutions and steps directly applicable to your own work situation.

Current Themes

We have groups with the following themes:
– Innovation
– HR Digital Transformation
– Business Development
– Logistics
– Strategic Sourcing

The Process

The meetings are based on a solution-oriented method for analysing and processing corporate challenges, called Action Learning. By bringing 10 people in similar positions together, from different companies, and a facilitator together with a distinguished Academic, a very powerful method and competence arena is generated to solve the challenges an organisation may face.

The Academics participating in the group are leaders within the field, and will provide the participants with readings about the current challenge for each meeting. These readings help ensure that the business challenges are addressed with a wide and provocative approach. As a result, each participant in the group is forced to reflect on how and why they are looking for different solutions. This in turn helps make the solutions stronger and gives the hosting company a solid basis for how to act in their challenge.


Currently, there are groups in the areas mentioned above, but we are continually inventing areas and topics that may be of interest to start groups within. We always welcome suggestions of strategic areas that your business is in need of processing and finding new ways to address.

Please let us know if you are interested in knowing more, have a suggestion for a new theme for a group or if you want to keep updated on current and future themes and groups.

We cannot guarantee you participation in a specific group because the dynamic and composition of the group is imperative. A good result in the group is dependent on, for example; a non-competitive mix of companies, and that the participants can work together and are at the same organisational level as the rest of the group.



Several groups are active, and new ones start ongoing through the year. Please apply and/or contact us to stay updated on the current groups. Your application must be supported by your company. At admission, we take into account both the applicant's experience and the composition of the group. The number of participants in a group is limited.

Payment Terms: 30 dagar netto efter meddelad antagning, dock senast dagen före programstart vid sen antagning. Dröjsmålsränta enligt räntelagen.
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