Your actual challenges in focus

In the Strategic Challenge Groups, your actual challenges are truly in focus. The aim is to enhance progress on complex strategic business problems. Framed by an aggregate theme, the program content is defined by you and your fellow participants.

At present, participant recruitment is by exclusive invitation-only and the groups have a limited number of participants. Substantial experience is required, which usually implies VP level and above. Confidentiality is a prerequisite and a non-competitive composition is ensured.

You commit to participate in three work sessions annually, one year at a time. Your participation is mandatory once you enroll, since your experience is utilized as an explicit learning source.

Each session is devoted to a strategic business challenge that one participant, or participating colleagues from one company, currently is occupied with. Learnings are thus made from working on real, strategic cutting edge business cases. This gives you a unique insight into the strategic strive of non-competitive fellow industry companies.

In a session, we devote the first part to deepen the common understanding of the challenge among all participants in the group. It is not unusual that the challenge itself is being rephrased during this part, a valuable result in itself. We then infuse handpicked state-of-the-art academic knowledge and the thoughts of distinguished scholars, from KTH or from other excellent academic institutions, depending on the topic. The third and last element is to, in workshops, create a hands-on action plan for how to continue to tackle the challenge and enhance progress when back at the office the day after.

The process is based on the scientific model of Action Learning, as well as on the art of placing Fundamental Questions.

At present, we have groups on the following six themes:

Currently, there are groups in the areas mentioned, but we are constantly adding areas and topics that may be of interest to start groups within. We always welcome suggestions of strategic areas that your business is in need of processing and finding new ways to address.

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