Why this course now?

The new volatile business landscape decreases the room for mistakes and waste rapidly. Even more important; the window to capture various opportunities opens and closes faster. Organisations will simply have to act faster and thus in a more decentralised way, and with even better understanding and control of the financial requirements and the financial consequences.

The new volatile business landscape
– An accelerated development and deployment of digitalisation. The latter comes on various levels in a multi-layer stack: IoT, big data, data science, analytics, AI, machine learning, Industry 4.0, 3-D printing, servitisation, new business models, eco-systems, blockchain, cybersecurity
Stagnant economic growth
New geopolitical realities, e.g. Trump, Xi Jinping, trade conflicts, Brexit and strong nationalistic agendas
Pressing environmental challenges, e.g. global warming, air pollution and shortage of fresh water

For whom and for what kind of companies?
This new course is for non-financial managers and other key people, having a significant impact on the financial performance of their companies.

Companies mostly with a history in developing, manufacturing and selling tangible products. Companies now taking on the challenges and opportunities in the new volatile business landscape.
The participants have at least 8 years of professional experience and are often members of a management team (or will likely soon to be). The participants often share the experience of feeling hampered by having difficulties in understanding, or being able to use, arguments in “lingua economica”.

The teachers
Magnus Bild and Mikael Runsten, Bild & Runsten AB represent an almost incomparably great experience of teaching non-financial managers in industrial companies the most relevant and useful parts of financial management.  For further biographies, please meet Magnus and Mikael on LinkedIn.

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Team lead

Anders Holmström 
+46 (0)8-790 96 95 / +46 (0)70-562 72 80
Ulf Änggård
+46 (0)70-854 72 28
Magnus Bild
+46 (0)708 662 618
Mikael Runsten
+46 (0)707 358 365
Financial Management in Industrial Companies

The size and flow of the course
The content of the course is delivered over four months in a blend of F2F modules and highly  interactive webinars. There are 3 three-day F2F modules and a final one-day F2F module. Between the F2F modules there are interactive webinars where participants will share their experience of having applied their new knowledge and inspire each other to take further steps implementing learnings.


The project perspective
– Cash flow
– Projects
– Investments

The period perspective
– Income statements
– Balance sheet
– Strategic footprints in financial reports

Financial KPIs
– Growth
– Financial strength
– Profitability

– Budget
– Scorecards
– Product and service costing

– Make a message stick
– Negotiating financial matters

Presentations of own projects/initiatives

Albeit the headlines look generic, the content is tailor-made  to the specific needs of industrial companies, as well as the specific needs of the participants. The latter according to an initial diagnostic test.

An effective learning place and accommodation
The F2F modules of the course take place on a country side conference center close to Stockholm and Arlanda airport. KTH Executive School handles the booking of accommodation prior to the start of the course.

The fee for this course is SEK 120 000 (excl. VAT). All material and literature necessary for the course is included in the fee. Travelling and accommodation is not included in the fee.
After having successfully finalised the course, the participants will, for free, get a subscription to 10 sessions in the web-based “financial gym”. This financial gym provides an excellent opportunity to maintain and deepen the newly acquired insights.


Application and admission
To apply, please fill in the application form below.

The participant’s employer must authorise the application. The number of participants is limited. In the admission process KTH Executive School, together with Bild & Runsten, considers the applicant´s professional background as well as an adequate configuration of the group.

After the admission has been acknowledged the application is binding. A cancellation more than eight weeks before the start of the course will be credited with 90 % of the fee. A cancellation between eight and four weeks before the start of the course will be credited with 50 % of the fee. A cancellation less than four weeks before the course start will receive no refund.

In my experience, business decisions at all levels of the organisation in industrial companies require a relevant understanding of financial implications. What I have found especially useful when working with Bild & Runsten is the use of real examples based on current company reports. Significant changes in the strategic business landscape, with technology leaps and fierce international competition in an increasingly complex geopolitical context, call for the combination of speed and sound judgement. Companies must win and deliver business and generate long-term profitability in order to stay ahead of their competitors. I’m sure the Financial Management Program at KTH Executive School will help achieving that.

Åke Svensson — Chairman of the Board, The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries

This programme addresses several of the challenges industrial companies face today. I am confident that Bild & Runsten again will prove to be the best possible facilitators of learning. Not the least they are a guarantee for a set-up where participants can develop from sharing experiences.

Therese Friberg — Chief Financial Officer, AB Electrolux


The next course is currently being planned. Register your interest here and/or contact us to stay updated with regard to timing.

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