Why join now?

Developing and implementing new businesses, new strategies and new ways to operate has never been so challenging and never so potentially rewarding, as in the current business landscape disrupted by:

  • Digital technologies’ accelerated impact on the way we do business
  • A pandemic triggered recession
  • Nationalistic agendas and geopolitical tensions with new risks and opportunities
  • Global environmental challenges  altering customer behaviour and driving new regulations
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Team lead

Ulf Änggård
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Anders Holmström 
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Ulrika Larsson
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For what kind of companies?

This program primarily targets industrial companies. Examples of previously participating companies:
ABB, Atlas Copco, BAE Systems, Boliden, CEJN, DeLaval, Electrolux, ELEKTA, Flir Systems, SAAB, Scania, Siemens, SSAB and VBG.

Who are the participants?

The participants are leaders and specialists in senior positions. Our qualification process aims to secure quality of interaction among participants. We also strive to achieve diversity in respect of gender, nationality and functional role.

The faculty

The participants meet a broad selection of top lecturers from academia and business.

A selection of our lecturers from recent programs

  • Anders Birgersson, President and CEO, VBG Group
  • Bengt Engström, Industrial Business Advisor, Board Professional
  • Hans Holmström, CEO, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB
  • Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO, Scania
  • Jan Brockmann, COO and Executive VP, AB Electrolux
  • Lena Sellgren, Chief Economist and Head of Research, Business Sweden
  • Michael Gates, Associate Fellow of Saïd Business School, Oxford
  • Mette Godsk Jensen, Implement Consulting Group
  • Monica Bellgran, Professor Industrial Production Management, KTH
  • Viktoria Wadman, Head of Business Excellence, SAAB

Themes in the program

  • Business environment and strategy
  • Technology shifts and change of technology
  • Customer value-driven business development and sales
  • Value-driven innovation and R&D
  • Global sourcing and production
  • Leading and communicating change in an international business
  • Personal plan and commitment: The program ends with each participant making their own convincing presentation of an initiative they, together with a sponsor in their company, have decided to suggest or drive through. The purpose of this is to secure that the participants will have the ambition to effectively transform their learnings into value for their own company.

Integrated in the themes

  • Digitalisation – driven by that it has never been so cheap to collect, transmit, store, compute and analyse data as it is today.
  • Applications of digitalisation – on various levels in the technology stack: 5G, IoT, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, 3-D printing, blockchain, new business models, servitisation, platforms and ecosystems.
  • Sustainability – in everything we do

The content of the program is delivered over the course of 20 days split in five modules over seven months with online and reading preparations ahead of each module. The group size is approx 20 participants.

Registration for both 2020 and 2021 is open now.

Executive Program in Industrial Management 2020
Calendar for modules
13-16 October 2020
1-4 December 2020
26-29 January 2021
16-19 March 2021
4-7 May 2021

Executive Program in Industrial Management 2021
Calendar for modules
2-5 March 2021
20-23 April 2021
8-11 June 2021
24-27 August 2021
28 September – 1 October 2021

We are in new facilities at the heart of the legendary KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm- with accommodations in the vicinity.

The fee for this program is SEK 205 000 (excl. VAT). This covers all material and literature necessary for the program. Travelling and accommodation expenses are not included.


To register, please fill in the registration form below.
Please note that your employer must authorise your registration.

After the admission has been acknowledged the application is binding. A cancellation more than eight weeks before the start of the program will be credited with 90 % of the fee. A cancellation between eight and four weeks before the start of the program will be credited with 50 % of the fee. A cancellation less than four weeks before the program start will receive no refund.
Examples of references

When it comes to the development of the company’s business and strategy as well as understanding of the business environment, the Executive Program in Industrial Management gives valuable input and findings. The program provides a genuine in-depth examination of the strategic business decisions in manufacturing companies.

Henrik Henriksson — CEO, Scania CV

The Executive Program in Industrial Management has a very good width, and most likely your area of responsibility will be included giving you a chance to shine in front of your classmates. The content of the program is continuously adapted so it is always up to date in terms of industry news, trends, technologies, etc.

Christina Holgerson — Director of TQM & HR, VBG GROUP AB

The Executive Program in Industrial Management provides a broad knowledge base to understand the complex surrounding of a modern industrial operation. Inspiring lecturers in combination plenty of participant interaction creates a learning environment that stretches beyond theory to provide true examples of true business implementation.

Anders Sundvik — VP Research & Development, Camfil AB

The Executive Program in Industrial Management has really been useful to me! Not just because of the very relevant content, but also due to the combination of high academic level and industrial reality. The large number of executive lecturers and the rewarding exchange with other participants has also been a key value for me. Apply for this program!

Hans Holmström — CEO, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB

The Executive Program in Industrial Management is really useful. Different topics all connected and with great interaction between them, appropriate to the strategic leadership thinking. The fact that we always had theory and presentation of case studies, added to discussions together in teams, expands learning and collaborates with the exchange of information between the participants of the program. The network formed between professionals from different companies and areas, which contributes to an environment leading to new ideas and learnings, is also valuable. The cultural exchange between the participants was interesting, with the possibility of sharing experiences and knowledge, which I consider a plus to the program.

Suzana Martin — Head of Engine Workshop, Scania Latin America LTDA.

The Executive Program in Industrial Management provided valuable insight into strategic management. This has been put to good use ever since. The intensive format and inter-active elements provide a solid platform for learning. The content was varied and stimulating enabling all participants to contribute. As an Englishman working for a Swedish company I found the cultural elements very helpful and the energy of the faculty at KTH a real eye opener.

Bill Wikinson — Managing Director, Camfil UK Ltd.


Register to join the program by filling in the form. Your registration must be in the name of your company. Group size is limited.

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