Why a two-day course on intercultural skills?

Despite the current nationalistic tendencies in global politics, business will still be more and more global and intercultural business interaction will rather increase and be the norm than the contrary. We work in multicultural dispersed teams whose members have different values, behaviour and ways of communicating.

Sensitivity to cultural issues improves team performance and business results. Put the other way around, our experience is that you lose substantial amounts of potential earnings if you lack sensitivity to cultural issues.

The purpose of this course is to ensure best possible business results through significantly enhanced competence in communication, team leadership, negotiation and trust-building across cultures. To understand our own personal cultural profile and how our behaviour can be perceived by people from another cultural context is a natural starting point.

Michael Gates, who is Associate Fellow at Said Business School, Oxford, and Vice Chairman Richard Lewis Communications, will train and inspire you.

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Program director

Anders Holmström
+46 70 562 72 80
Michael Gates

For whom?

This is for you with a senior role in a technology-based B2B business, who:

  • work in culturally-diverse teams, or need to persuade, negotiate, lead and build trust across cultures
  • need to understand global markets in all their complexity, and need simple tools to make sense of it all
  • are a competent expert in your specific field, but find yourself frustrated when things don’t work the same way as at home – with people you understand and whose basic values and ways of working are pretty much like your own

From the content

  • What culture is, and how and why it impacts business
  • Values and communication
  • Cultural horizons: a simple model for finding common ground
  • Linear-, multi- and reactive cultural types and how to deal with them
  • The group profile based on online pre-session assessments
  • Communicating and managing persuasively across cultures
  • Research-based rules for high-performing diverse teams
  • Game theory and cross-cultural negotiation: the maths behind better results
  • Leading in a culturally-agile way across cultures
  • Trust variations across cultures
  • Some real-life case studies where using culture strategically was a game-changer


  • Lectures in combination with breakout sessions, case studies, role-plays and simulations, to anchor the message into the participants’ own realities
  • Use of the unique learner-centered Cross-Cultural Dialogue Mat.
  • Assessment of personal cultural profile prior to the course.


At a conference centre in the greater Stockholm-area, Sweden.

SEK 25 000 (excl. VAT) which includes documentation, lunches and coffees.

The course will be given in English.

Also available as an in-company course

Application is binding, but please note that the course will only take place if 15 participants have been registered until April 23, 2018. A cancellation more than two weeks before the start of the course will be credited with 50 % of the fee. A cancellation less than two weeks before the course start will receive no refund. Accommodation is not included in the price.


Apply to join the course by filling in the form. Your registration must be in the name of your company. Group size is limited.

Payment Terms: net 30 days. The course fee will be invoiced as soon as the group has reached 15 participants.