A breakfast seminar on the Crucial Corporate Culture Challenge, when loading a product-centric business with digital services

The automotive business is already there. And the rest of us are going in that direction. The direction of, to our established offerings of tangible products, adding new digital high value service offerings. Service offerings based on sensor technologies and on cheap, high quality; storage, transmission, computing and analyzing of data – the new oil.

The challenge is that the requirements on the business culture in successful service-centric businesses are very different from the business culture in most product-centric businesses. Handling this challenge ignorantly probably spells disaster. Handling it consciously and carefully is the key, not only for successfully launching new service offerings, but also for rejuvenating the original product business. Above all it is crucial for successfully transforming into a fully integrated customer-centric business. A business with a new differentiating service-centric business model, still with top notch tangible products as the platform for the business.

In this breakfast seminar we will learn about the differences between the business culture and mindset in a traditional product-centric business and a genuinely service-centric business.

We will thus learn about in which dimensions we will have to develop an integrated business culture and mindset. We will also bring to the table some considerations and tools useful for the design and leading of this change. Considerations on how to avoid a potential corporate civil war. Tools for building the new integrated business, where we grow a new culture and mindset among management and employees, needed for this new phase of the company´s life.

Speaker: Daniel Kindström, Professor of Industrial Marketing, University of Linköping
Time: 23 May 2018, 07:30-08:45 (Breakfast served already from 07:15)
Address: KTH Main Campus, Room D36 – Lindstedtsvägen 5, Stockholm. See map for directions.
Cost: The seminar is free but you must register and there is a limited amount of seats on the seminar. No cancellation fee up until 20 May. There is a no-show fee of SEK 300 ex VAT.



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