Director Christian Pleijel nominated to sustainability award

Publicerat 31 October 2017

Christian Pleijel, Director Sustainable Urban Systems at KTH Executive School has been invited to speak about his project on Greening the Island conference on Siciliy the 3rd of November. His project is nominated to their award.


Ecological and social project outcomes

Freshwater is a strategic resource on islands, often scarce. Saving water means becoming more resilient and sustainable. The energy cost for procuring water to these 8 island societies varies from island to island, but given modern osmosis processes to produce desalinated water in general need 2 kWh/cubic meter, the energy saved can be estimated at 304,010 kWh/year and the reduction in CO2 emissions as 39.050 kg/year.

Public outreach, education and awareness efforts and results

The project results are disseminated through the ESIN network In November, a website will be launched, a hands-on guide on water saving for municipalities, backed up by a booklet.Pleijel Komiza

Next step is to create Water Saving Labs on some or all the islands, developing (a) water saving campaigns and training programs in water saving for schools, tourists and tourist businesses, water walks and a mobile water saving exhibition; (b) promote knowledge on how to use rainwater, on leak detections systems, refitting pipes and new pipe technology, water production monitoring systems and solar energy for RO plants; (c) the right for islands to be well defined laboratories when it comes to controlled experiments on use of rainwater, reuse of water and non-conventional pricing.